The Inadequate Conception

Jul 8 2011 in Featured Blogs & Websites by Nancy

This week’s feature blog is “The Inadequate Conception”.

We love her light hearted and honest narations of thoughts and events during her journey in TTC. Though she is no longer trying to conceive, her reflections will ring a bell of truth to anyone who has undergone an ultrasound, fertility exam, medication injection or the ever ongoing two week wait.

For this post, we asked Lori several questions:

What has going through infertility taught you about yourself?
Being infertile has taught me that I’m tougher than I give myself credit for. At the first therapy session I ever went to, I unloaded the years of fertility treatments, hopes and dreams on the therapist (who specialized in helping infertile couples). She point blank looked at me and said, “and yet you get out of bed every day. That’s a big deal.” It was a bit of a shocking revelation for me for some reason – this stuff is tough to get through. The other thing it’s taught me is that I should be thankful for the things I have and not try to control every part of my life. That’s been the hardest thing to learn. Sure, we have a loss of a dream, but it’s not nearly the same thing as having to deal with other life crises like divorce, terminal illness, etc.

What is your own personal favorite post?
Most recently, my favorite is: “Stressing Me Out” It’s not my typical funny side, but was one that struck a deep chord with me and several readers.

What is your favorite blog to read?
The Two Week Wait

What was the motivation behind starting your blog?My motivation for writing my blog stemmed from working on my book. I wanted to start a little bit of an audience and get the infertility community used to my way of thinking (which tends to be a little bit of an alternative view – trying to find the “lighter” side of infertility), and then it became very cathartic and actually helped me write my book. There are several infertility blogs that focus on coping, emotions, documenting cycles, etc., but very few, if any that had the slant that my perspective has – which is to see the absurdity and humor in this crazy ride – and sometimes turn it into a funny rant. I always say that I’d rather laugh than cry and I hope that my blog can bring a smile to someone who needs it.

We are sure you’ll become a fan of “The Inadequate Conception” too!

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