Gotta Love TLC

Jun 5 2010 in Fertility in the News by Nancy

Did you know there’s a new series out on TLC that follows a group of women who are trying to conceive?

Yup, there is.  A Conception Story.

To quote TLC:

A Conception Story: Six Journeys to Pregnancy enters the lives of six dynamic women on the road to motherhood. Following the classic TLC traditions of A Wedding Story and A Baby Story, follow a new web series, brought to you by the makers of First Response┬« Pregnancy, Ovulation, & Fertility Tests and the brand trusted by women for 25 years. A Conception Story: Six Journeys to Pregnancy explores the part of the journey that comes in between — getting pregnant. Obstacles for some aspiring parents can begin as early as the conception stage. By documenting such diverse, yet parallel stories, the series will reveal how seemingly different women, can face the same dire challenge of creating life.

Apparently each participant was given several First Response testing kits and a digital video camera.  They then need to document their lives and progress in trying to conceive for the the next seven months via both the video camera and a blog on the TLC website.

After that time, the women send the footage to TLC producers, who edit the videos and post them. First Response guided TLC in selecting the participants, and fertility specialist Peter Ahlering, a spokesperson for First Response, appears in informational videos on the site.

Hmm…..hope Peter can deal with the massive PMS and emotions that come along with trying to conceive.

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