Less Stress, More Sex

Jun 6 2010 in Fertility in the News by Nancy

This is news? According to well known British midwife Zita West:

The key to getting pregnant is to have sex more often – ideally, three times per week.

Wow, thanks for that advice! Sounds great and wonderful, but when you are worrying about “his boys” all getting where they are supposed to be and then wondering if this is the round where you actually get pregnant, it’s hard to relax and enjoy.

She also says:

Around 23% of infertility cases are unexplained, but she believes that around 80% of these could be down to the wrong mindset.

Who hasn’t started off a cycle thinking “I’m going to just relax and let nature take it’s course”? Only to be followed 10 days later with “Hurry up and get your pants off, my ovulation test showed a positive”.

We’ve all heard about the couples who went through 3 rounds of IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF then stopped everything, only to get pregnant naturally 2 months later. Maybe it’s because the couples who don’t get pregnant naturally aren’t so quick to shout it from the roof tops.

Relax, yes. More sex, great. Can someone please turn down the sound of my biological clock? Who can relax with that noise?

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