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IVF Cycle Calculator & Calendar

Now, by entering your cycle start date, you can view the upcoming events and approximate dates of all the phases of your IVF Cycle.

Menstrual Date
Start injections/spray

Select the menstrual period start date or the starting date of GnRH agonist injection or nasal spray, then click the button.

First menstrual period

Date the cycle starts (day 1). Need to wait 20 more days from this date before starting injections/spray.

Start Injections:

Start using daily GnRH Agonist injection/spray. Meds may include buserelin (Suprefact), nafarelin (Synarel), or leuprolide (Lupron). This suppresses the ovarian function and encourages the growth of multiple, high quality eggs during an IVF cycle. Continue until hCG injection.

Last menstrual period

This is the start of your last menstrual period before completing the final stages of your IVF cycle.

Start FSH injections

Blood test to check hormone levels. If appropriate levels start FSH injections. Meds may include Fertinorm, Humegon, Puregon, and Gonal F.

Start daily blood tests

Test hormone levels. Injections will vary depending on response to medications. May have ultrasound following tests depending on test results.

Start ultrasounds

Morning blood tests and ultrasounds. Ultrasound to measure number and size of follicles in ovaries.

HCG Shot

Testing continues to determine eggs have matured. If mature, begin planning for retrieval. hCG shot performed by clinic.

Egg Retrieval

Egg retrieval performed approximately 36 hours after hCG shot. Start daily use of prometrium capsules.

Embryo Transfer

Standard embryo transfer followed by 24 hours of rest. Luteal phase begins. Daily use of prometrium capsules. Avoidance of hot baths, tubs, saunas, and strenuous activity.

Blastocyst transfer

If elected, wait until day-5 embryo development followed by 24 hours of rest. Luteal phase begins. Daily use of prometrium capsules. Avoidance of hot baths, tubs, saunas, and strenuous activity.

Home Pregnancy Test

The earliest date one should try a home pregnancy test.

First Beta Test

Clinic blood test to measure hCG level.

Second Beta Test

Check level hCG to confirm pregnancy result.

First Ultrasound

Ultrasound confirmation if second beta indicates positive result.

Terms of Use/Disclaimer/Limitations The information within this calculator is researched and provided on a best efforts basis, without guarantee. Most cycles will vary in actual timelines based on patient response to meds and actual mentrual period cycles. This tool does not replace the advice of your physician. This timeline is an example only and is not to be relied on for treatment.

Thank you to IVF.CA for allowing use of this calculator.

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