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Dr Ramirez on PCOS and IUI/IVF

Oct 3 2011 in Ask the Experts, PCOS by Dr. Edward Ramirez,

Cryshouse Asks: I have been diagnosed with PCOS. Subsequent to my diagnosis, I went through ovarian drilling at the suggestion if my Dr. Three months after surgery, I got pregnant on 50mg of clomid but lost the pregnancy at 10 weeks. Other rounds of clomid were unsuccessful. That miscarriage was a year and a half [...]

Avatar of Nancy

by Nancy

January Fertility Treatment Chat with Dr Aimee

Jan 19 2011 in Infertility Chat Transcripts, Trying to Conceive by Nancy


This post is a transcript of our 1/17/2011 Fertility Treatment chat with Dr Aimee Eyvazzadeh.  The post is broken up into 5 pages.  Please use the navigation at the end of each section to proceed to the next page of the transcript. Nancy: Hello all! If you have a question, please feel free to ask it at [...]

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